Instagram Tips And Tricks 2021

Tip No 01

  • make sure that you see McDonald’s just so it sticks in your mind if you’re not being seen no one thinks about that’s why you use these tactics to drive the traffic to these pages
  • because even if people don’t follow you you have now created what’s considered and awareness okay even if they didn’t follow you they’ve seen you now when this when your other profiles are running
  • they may come across your profile two or three more times to be like oh this person is growing now we’re going to follow this person so you can’t do it all they didn’t follow me today it doesn’t matter
  • if you got people to your profile that’s a big deal well I had a guy that literally sent me a video thanking me for showing him the software that I’m showing you guys up my name is YT teacher
  • in personally reaching out to you because I wanted to thank you for the amazing content that you’re putting out there because I never would have thought that I’d be able to grow my Instagram
  • the way that I’ve done in less than a month and he’s just using this offer to follow and like people on his own profile he didn’t even know how to do what I’m showing you in this article when you said of the side profile that’s just it running on his own profile.

now here’s the thing you may feel like oh I don’t know how to set it up or I’ll have the time to set it up look you can do it it’s super easy you get it there are tutorials on it to show you every single step of how to do it.

Tip No 2

  • you’ll be good to go but if you feel like you’re not the time to do it I have this is the reason I notice I own and run a social media marketing agency
  • I get paid to do this stuff alright if you want to and it’s not going to be cheap I’m not gonna lie to you but if you want me to do it and have my team set it up for you my team can set it up for you and have three profiles running ten profiles.
  • whatever again it’s not going to be cheap you can email me but I know that you can do it yourself so you should just go set it up and go do it.
  • don’t be lazy just make it happen the sooner you start the more people to push your profile every day that this is set up where you want Instagram if another day that you are going to be growing organically.

Tip No 03

  • imagine this right now I’m not here who’s a popular follower every single day this is not going all duh every day this is not running.
  • you’re losing that you’re possibly losing five other people think about that means if you wait a week you lost thirty-five hundred potential fans term, oh no you don’t want that happy it’s going to date.
  • all right as well as right now, this software does follow the guidelines and the Terms of Service of Instagram you need to use this while it exists before they change anything, okay so that means you need to get going now before it’s too late now.

Tip No 04

before I made this article I was like I know that this going to be difficult for some people to be able to do I reached out to the software company and said let’s hook me up with something.

so I can help these people so it’s easy for them to get their hands on this okay so I reach out to them then they give me the 10% coupon and I was like Daddy that’s not enough idea of this 20% for these people nobody’s gonna do anything help them sell for 10% what’s that.

so they hate me a 20% coupon that you can use so when you go get it all you do is you type in the raw level that’s the name okay and that’s gonna give you 20% off as well as you get 7 days.

free to text it to watch it run and you’re going to grow in 7 days just make sure you watch the tutorial and you’ll actually set it up properly don’t be lazy if you want to grow so how do I know what I’m talking about I do my Instagram for 20,000 followers to 130,000 followers in less than 12 months.

I also have good branding I also did a lot of tactics and I know a lot of stuff the rest of the stuff that I show you in these other Instagram videos from and should we check out the end of this article.

  1. ok plus I do things like this what’s up y’all table another word of the day says where the day is innervated it’s to cause something to lose its vitality to fatigue something or make it tired like these 3 hours of sleep on getting a night
  2. is not enough it’s leaving me very innervate that’s why I teach people a word every single day so they have a reason to stay following me I’m educating I am helping bring value to people I inspire people because my primary reason for everything
  3. I do is to inspire people which reminds me please write a comment below I would truly appreciate it nice so many more things they have my life lessons that released on Mondays and Wednesdays and other things to help inspire you to grow your life okay I don’t want to eat up too much more of your time
  4. but click the links below go to smart rapper calm /fa if you want to go over and see the software I’m talking about or click the links below to bring you right over there and don’t forget to use the coupon code Rob level to get 20% off I grew up poor
  5. I know the value of a coupon don’t forget to check out the rest of these videos I got jaws back the crazy amount of information I was 20 minutes.


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