What kind of country is Taiwan’s Swadini supporting at the WHO Conference?

In May, the World Health Assembly discussed the global new coronavirus epidemic. At that time, some countries, including Swadini, proposed to invite Taiwan to attend. It was also curious about what kind of country Taiwan was in, the only diplomatic country in Africa, Swati, and why it insisted on standing up.
The original name of eSwatini (Swaziland, Swaziland in China), in May 2018, after the actual diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Burkina Faso and Taiwan broke off, Swadini became 54 in Africa The only country in the country that maintains formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan.
China has never established diplomatic relations with Swadini, but Swadini maintains diplomatic ties with Taiwan based on “diplomacy and political morality.”
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Diplomatic relations for more than half a century

In 2018, the 50th anniversary of Swadini’s independence, when Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen once visited Swadini and received a high-standard reception from the Swadini government.
The newly signed economic cooperation agreement between Taiwan and Swadini took effect last year. Taiwan has implemented preferential tariff treatment for some Swadini products, including the duty-free treatment of honey and avocado.
Percy Simelane, a spokesman for the Swadini government, told the time that maintaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan would contribute to Swadini ’s national interests.
Swadini established diplomatic relations with Taiwan after independence and has maintained diplomatic ties without interruption. Taiwan has made an extremely significant contribution to Swadini’s social and economic development.

Africa’s rare little kingdom

Swadini is located in southeastern Africa, surrounded by South Africa on the north, west, and south. It is adjacent to Mozambique on the east and has a population of about 1.1 million.
Sweden has its unique political environment and is the only country in Africa that implements a monarchy. The current king is King Mswati III.
Swadini has a tradition of polygamy. From time to time, the king will hold concubine election activities. Tens of thousands of women must be topless and subject to inspection by the king. At present, the king has 15 concubines and 30 children.
King Mswati III was once rated as the 15th richest king in the world by Forbes magazine. However, his luxurious life and unique concubine system have been criticized by many Western countries. Coupled with poor sanitary conditions and high rates of AIDS, the average life expectancy of a 32-year-old national is still the lowest in the world.
The diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Swadini have been maintained for many years, relying mainly on Taiwan’s high-quality medical and public health output. Medical construction and assistance have indeed made Swadini ’s health conditions much improved.

Refuse to turn to China

Since Swadini King Mswati III ascended the throne in 1986, he has visited Taiwan more than 17 times. In June 2018, he visited Taiwan to attend his son’s graduation ceremony, studying at the Taiwan University of Practice and was awarded management by the school. Honorary degree.
In recent years, China has increased its role and influence in Africa, and various investment and aid programs are endless. China-Africa Forum, the Belt and Road, and other diplomatic strategies are even more ambitious.
However, Swadini is unique in Africa and has maintained diplomatic relations with Taiwan for more than half a century. It has never been diplomatic to recognize China.
The spokesman of the Swadini government, Samran, once explained We don’t want to be seen as a country that succumbs to the sway of money diplomacy. The primary position we adhere to is diplomatic and political morality.
We will not leave Taiwan; we are not interested in what China offers.

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