Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada issued a joint statement condemning Beijing for pushing Hong Kong ’s National Security Law

After the National People’s Congress passed the resolution on Hong Kong’s National Security Law, the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada issued a joint statement condemning Beijing’s forced implementation of the National Security Law, which would threaten the freedom of the people of Hong Kong and seriously weaken Protect Hong Kong’s autonomous status.
British Foreign Minister Rab, Australian Foreign Minister Payne, Canadian Foreign Minister Philip Champagne, and US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a joint statement on Thursday (28th), once again expressing deep concern about Beijing’s decision to implement the National Security Law in Hong Kong.
The statement stated that Hong Kong prospered as a bastion of freedom. Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability are crucial to the long-term interests of the international community. The Beijing authorities ’direct legislation, rather than allowing Hong Kong to pass Article 23 of the Basic Law, will restrict the freedom of Hong Kong people and will significantly weaken Hong Kong’s autonomy.
  • The US Secretary of State testified to Congress that Hong Kong no longer has a high degree of autonomy.
  • Protests and concerns The troops stationed in Hong Kong support the Hong Kong National Security Law.
  • Hong Kong’s National Security Law may affect Taiwan’s Hong Kong and Macau Regulations and the relationship between Taiwan and Hong Kong.
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The joint statement pointed out that Beijing’s decision to impose the new National Security Law on Hong Kong constitutes a direct conflict with the legally binding and United Nations-registered Sino-British Joint Declaration, destroying the one country, two systems framework and increasing the possibility of political prosecution in Hong Kong It also undermines existing commitments to protect the rights of Hong Kong people.
The statement said, “We are also very concerned that this action will aggravate the deep divisions in Hong Kong society; this legislation will not help build mutual understanding and promote reconciliation within Hong Kong.”
The statement also said that allowing Hong Kong people to enjoy their rights and freedoms and rebuild trust in the entire Hong Kong society is the only way to get rid of the tension and turmoil in Hong Kong over the past year.
The statement emphasized that the whole world is paying attention to the spread of the epidemic and demanding increased trust in the government and international cooperation. The unprecedented move of the Beijing authorities may have the opposite effect.

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