U.S. Space Army flag unveiled, recruiting troops to meet the challenges of China and Russia

US President Trump hosted the unveiling ceremony of the US Space Force flag at the White House on May 15, 2020, revealing that the United States is building super missiles that are 17 times faster than existing missiles.

Trump said: Space will be the future, whether defensive or offensive, and many other aspects. From the reports I have heard and seen, we are now leaders in space.

The flag of the US Space Force is black with a delta wing in the middle, a Polaris, and two sets of stars of different sizes.

US Space Force General John Raymond explained at the flag unveiling ceremony: Polaris symbolizes the core value of the United States and is our guiding light. Global orbit exemplifies the space that promotes our American way of life and American war ability.

According to information provided by the Space Army, Polaris also symbolizes safety, implying the existence of the current and future space forces and the high vigilance of never relaxing.
The delta wings on the banner are reminiscent of the historical origins of the Space Force and the US Air Force and symbolize change and innovation. The light and dark colors of the delta wings illustrate the continuous operation of the space army 24 hours a day and night.

Recruit troops
The U.S. Space Force has begun recruiting personnel on May 1, and all active military personnel in the United States can apply to join. The US Space Force also launched its first advertisement for recruiting personnel on May 6. The slogan reads: Perhaps the purpose of your life on earth is not just about the planet.

The US media quoted Lynn Kirby, a spokesman for the Space Army, saying that more than 2,000 applications have been received in about two weeks.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, the Space Army requested $ 15.4 billion in funding in the fiscal year 2021. The total strength of the space army is about 16,000.

The U.S. Air Force also announced an open bidding process on May 15 to select the location of the space army’s general headquarters: all states with large U.S. military bases can participate in the bidding by June 30.
The US Air Force said it expects to select the location of the Space Command in the first half of 2021, but it will likely take six years to complete all new facilities.

Latest combat areas
US President Trump announced the official establishment of the Space Army in December 2019. This new service of the United States belongs to the United States Air Force. It is also the first time that the United States established a new service more than 70 years ago.

Trump announced this news at a military base near Washington: Space is the newest fighting area in the world.

When national security is under a significant threat, the absolute advantage of the United States in the space field is necessary. Although we are in the lead, the lead is not enough, but we will soon powerfully lead.

The Space Army will help us deter intrusions and control the absolute commanding heights.

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