Baby milk powder scandal: how many children in Hunan became “big head dolls” and “solid drinks” turned into anti-allergy milk powder

At least five kids in the province, China, once they intake a macromolecule drink that’s aforesaid to be appropriate for babies, became “big head dolls” with malformed sulls and even beat their heads abnormally. Chinese authorities aforementioned on Thursday that the relevant merchants are suspected of “fraud” and can be severely punished.

According to reports, these babies all Greek deities an alleged “special medical milk powder” that was imagined to be an exceptional alimental food designed for babies allergic to standard formula milk or littered with certain diseases. However, it was indeed found to be a solid macromolecule Drink.

China’s continual domestic “milk powder” scandal in additional than ten years has attracted public attention. Nutrition students are aforesaid that the distinction from the alkali case was that now it had been not that the “milk powder” itself was inferior or hateful, however, that it used false information to permit babies to use standard drinks as a staple food for a prolonged time, resulting in a deficiency disease.

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“Bighead doll”
According to many Chinese media reports, several folks in Yongxing County, province, central China have recently discovered that their kids have suffered severe weight loss and os deformities, resembling “big-headed dolls,” and a few kids even pat themselves. S head.

The children were then taken to the hospital for examination. Doctors found that these kids ordinarily have vitamin D deficiency symptoms and organic process delay and were diagnosed with hypovitaminosis.

According to that, the official state TV was diagnosed with milk allergies throughout earlier medical examinations. Therefore doctors suggested that folks purchase organic compound milk for his or her kids. folks then selected a “special medical milk powder” indicated by a neighborhood maternal and kid store referred to as “Beminamine.”

The clerk aforesaid to the oldsters, “Beminamine” is that the popular milk within the store. There are already several allergic babies intake.

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One parent once questioned the “solid drink” on the product packaging, but the store clerk said it was just another name for infant formula.

After the incident, the Hunan Provincial Government said on Thursday (May 14) that the relevant merchants were suspected of “false propaganda and consumer fraud.” At present, the market supervision and management department has established an investigation team and will severely punish the merchants.

At present, in addition to the five parents who have complained to the local market supervision department, it seems that more parents who have purchased the milk powder have found problems.

A mother wrote on social media that she once fed the same milk powder for six months to her baby with moderate milk allergy. She didn’t change it under the doctor’s advice until she found an abnormality. Today, children still lag behind their peers in growth and development.
After drinking for about half a year, I found that my baby’s height and weight did not increase significantly. And, my baby is still unable to walk, almost one and a half years old, she wrote. What sequelae will there be in the future?

It is understood that this involved maternal and child store has purchased a total of 47 solid beverages of “Beminamine” from the manufacturer of “Beminamine” Hunan Weile Health Industry Co., Ltd. Still, it is not clear that other stores are selling How many products of the brand have been sold.

Yongxing County announced that it would arrange free medical examinations for all infants and young children who purchase the brand’s milk powder, treat symptomatic infants and young children, and initiate remedial actions to combat unqualified infant food.

Drinks were posing as “special doctor milk powder.”
Zheng Yulong, a Chinese nutrition scholar and a standing director of the International Oriental Nutritional Dietetic Association, told the BBC that solid beverages are common for adults. All of their nutritional content is not prepared for particular standards for infants and young children.

Solid beverages are mainly based on protein, and there are no other nutrients. Long-term consumption of malnutrition is specific, Zheng Yulong said.

The “interface” of the Chinese news website reported that after the incident, the person in charge of Weile Co. denied any exaggerated publicity and stated that “the packaging was marked as a solid beverage.” However, although the “Beminamine” product did not clearly state the words “special medical milk powder” on the packaging, it was written as “deeply hydrolyzed protein powder without lactose.”

The full name of exceptional medical food is infant formula food for particular medical purposes. It is divided into six categories according to the standards of the Chinese health department. One category is the milk protein deep hydrolysis formula or amino acid formula for milk allergic infants.

In addition, the company established in 2015 was found to have written “production of formula foods for special medical purposes” within the company’s business scope but did not have the registration qualification.

Using ordinary solid beverages to impersonate special foods is not an exception in some parts of China.

The Chinese official media “People’s Daily” reported in July 2019 that in Yichang, Hubei, parents of children who were allergic to ordinary milk powder purchased a unique formula called “Yaledi” under the guidance of a doctor. The package is marked as “providing nutritional support for people with a high risk of indigestion of milk protein and milk protein allergy.”
But after eating the formula powder, the child’s allergy symptoms did not improve much. Parents were then surprised to find that the brand does not have special food production qualifications. Earlier, the brand’s production company had recalled the product several times, admitting the problem of inaccurate packaging, but the batch did not include it.

In another independent incident in Jiangxi, a 9-month-old child used so-called “special doctor milk powder” as a staple food for seven months and then suffered from malnutrition and thinness.

In these cases, many parents stated that they purchased based on the recommendation of the maternal and child store clerk or even the doctor’s advice.

During intimate interviews with these solid beverage production companies, many Chinese media learned that doctors in some hospitals could get a commission of about RMB 60 (about US $ 8.4) for each can of product they recommend.

Among them, doctors with prescribing rights such as the hospital’s gastroenterology department and child health care department are the key “public relations” objects of the sales staff.

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