High-ranking “China Connect” officials in Beijing speak in fluent Chinese to warn Beijing

Senior White House officials in the United States spoke in Chinese, warning that if China continued to control freedom of speech and ignored the authentic voice of the people, it might lead to a crisis in power. As China and the United States have recently vigorously debated the origin of the new coronavirus, this speech may stimulate Beijing to respond strongly.

The White House deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger (also translated as Matthew Pottinger) delivered an ancient speech on the 101st anniversary of the May 4th Movement, reviewing the history of May 4th and looking forward to the future of US-China relations. This is the first time American policymakers have spoken to Chinese readers in the White House in fluent Chinese.

In his speech, he asked what the ultimate legacy of May 4th will be. The Chinese people can only answer this question. The May Fourth Movement belongs to them. Will the democratic aspirations of the May Fourth Movement wait until the next century? Will the core ideas of the May Fourth Movement be subject to official scrutiny every time? Erase? Will those who still believe in this claim today be called ‘unpatriotic’ and pro-American is subversive? We know that the Communist Party will try to do this. 
In his speech, Bo Ming called for “less nationalism and more populism.” He said that the core force behind Brexit and Trump’s victory is the same as that of the May Fourth Movement, that is, populism. Bo Ming explained after the speech that the translation of populism into populism, rather than the more common translation of “populism,” is to emphasize this force to promote a government that values people. He also said that the pursuit of democracy comes from traditional Chinese thinking, and Taiwan is the living evidence of Chinese social democratic practice.

Bo Ming is considered a rare Chinese expert in the White House and has promoted many Trump administration policies on Chinese hawks. His speech may stimulate Beijing and intensify the recent media battle between the United States and China around the source of the new coronavirus.
On the 4th, at an online event hosted by the University of Virginia to discuss US-China relations, Bo Ming delivered a pre-recorded speech about 20 minutes long and then participated in a live Q & A session. Bo Ming revealed that he wrote lessons in English and then cooperated with several friends to translate the manuscripts into Chinese. He said that he chose to speak in Chinese because China now lacks multiple voices, and he hopes to start a dialogue with “friends in China.”

This is not the first time Boxing has publicly “baked Chinese.” When attending the National Day reception of the Chinese Embassy in 2018, Bo Ming quoted Confucius’s famous saying in Chinese, “If the name is not correct, then the words are not good, and if things are not good, then things are not successful,” which points out the competitive relationship between the United States and China. Since that speech, Bo Ming has no longer attended the activities of the Chinese embassy.

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