Pneumonia epidemic: British Prime Minister Johnson looks back at the moment he passed by

In an interview with the British Sun, the British Prime Minister Johnson recalled his experience in the intensive care unit, saying that to save him, doctors several liters to give him oxygen. The doctors had to prepare temporary plans at any time. May announce his death news, thankfully he has passed the ghost gate and has now resumed work.

Life and death
Johnson was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia on March 26. At first, he was isolated at home and could still work to a limited extent. However, ten days later, the condition deteriorated, and he needed to be admitted to the hospital and once entered the intensive care unit.

This is a painful moment. I will not deny that they have prepared strategies to deal with the situation of ‘Stalin’s death, he said. My condition was not particularly good at the time. I noticed that they had an emergency record … The doctors are fully prepared for the worst. 

They brought me a mask and then oxygenated me in liters and liters. This state lasted for a while.”
Character Spotlight: The British Prime Minister Johnson, who the New Crown Virus attacked
The actual epidemic in the UK is more serious.
The new crown vaccine developed by Oxford University or for limited use by the end of the year
Old heroes make new achievements.
Prime Minister Johnson rehabilitates rework: says the UK still faces the highest risk.
Before being admitted to the hospital, he could still walk outside and clap his hands to cheer for medical care when he was isolated at home. Officials repeatedly emphasized that he can still control the cabinet and formulate anti-epidemic measures.

But in just ten days, his situation suddenly deteriorated, and the news shocked all walks of life. He said All physiological indicators of the monitor are going in the wrong direction. At the same time, he realized that there is currently no medicine to treat new coronary pneumonia.

What should I do to overcome this difficulty? He kept asking himself, and It’s unbelievable that my health can deteriorate to this point in a few days. I feel discouraged. I don’t understand why the situation hasn’t improved.

The worst case is that at a 50/50 point, they are hesitant to cut my trachea for oxygen … they start to think about whether to make me look better (or rescue me).

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