North Korean official media reported that Kim Jong Un made public appearance

North Korean state media said North Korea’s top leader, Kim Jong Un, made his first appearance in 20 days. North Korea’s Central News Agency reported on May 2 that Kim Jong Un appeared in public again, cutting the ribbon for a new fertilizer plant on May 1.

According to reports, Kim’s first appearance since attending the event in the official media on April 12. Previous speculations about its health have caused discussions worldwide.

The North Korea News Agency reported that when Kim Jong Un appeared, the people present warmly welcomed them with “thunderous applause.”

So far, North Korean official reports have not been independently confirmed by international media.

North Korean official media subsequently published photos showing Kim Jong-un attending the completion ceremony of the Suncheon Phosphate Fertilizer Plant and cutting the ribbon.

When asked about the news that Kim Jong Un reappeared, US President Trump told reporters that he did not want to comment.

How does the official media report?
North Korea’s Central News Agency said that several senior North Korean officials, including Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong, accompanied Kim Jong-un at the completion ceremony of the new fertilizer plant.

Kim Jong-un cut the ribbon at a ceremony held at a factory in the north of Pyongyang. The people who participated in the event “was warmly cheering this supreme leader who is leading the people to prosperity,” the North Korean Central News Agency reported.

Kim Jong-un said he was satisfied with the factory’s production system and praised the factory for its contribution to North Korean chemical and food production advancement.

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When did you start to speculate on Kim Jong-un’s health?
In recent days, international speculations and reports on Kim Jong-un’s health status have continued.

Kim Jong Un’s absence on April 15 to commemorate the birth of his grandfather, the founding leader of North Korea Kim Il Sung (Kim Il Sung) ‘s “Sun Festival” celebration, triggered speculation about his health.

Anniversary is one of North Korea’s most significant events, and Kim Jong Un usually visits his grandfather’s tomb to commemorate this day. Kim Jong-un has never missed this event before.

Reports on Kim Jong-un’s health status appeared on a website operated by the defectors.

A source, who asked not to be named, told Daily NK, an online media specializing in North Korean news, that they learned that Kim Jong-un has been suffering from cardiovascular disease since August last year but visited Baitou Mountain repeatedly. (Paektu) The situation worsened later. 

This report became the single source of information for the international media, and various news organizations subsequently began to report this claim. Later, intelligence agencies in South Korea and the United States also released some news.
Afterward, a sensational headline appeared in the American media. The report said that Kim Jong-un was “critically ill” after a heart operation.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on April 29 that recently, US officials “have not seen” Kim Jong Un. There was again discussion.

However, sources in the South Korean government and Chinese intelligence agencies said in an interview with Reuters that this is fake news.

Has Kim Jong Un disappeared before?
Yes. In September 2014, Kim Jong-un disappeared for 40 days after attending the concert. He appeared on crutches in mid-October.

North Korean official media never explained where he went. But South Korean intelligence agencies said that a cyst might have caused Kim Jong-un’s left ankle surgery.

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