The widow received a loving message from Corona after her husband’s death

NEW YORK (Web Desk) – The wife of an American man who died of the coronavirus has received a loving message from her husband’s cell phone after his death. According to an international media report, Jonathan, 32, arrived in the United States on April 22. A man named had died of the coronavirus, after which his wife Katie received a message from her husband’s mobile phone, which added to the grief over her husband’s death. I was taking all her belongings back home after my husband’s death when she saw her husband’s mobile phone in which she And received the last message from her husband.
According to Jonathan’s wife, her husband wrote in his message, ‘Katie, I love you and my children so much, and you gave me the best life I could ever have imagined. I am fortunate.

I am proud to be the father of my two children, Braden and Penny, and your husband, Katie. You are the most beautiful and caring person in my life, the American wrote. I have indeed lived a happy life with you, and you have been a great mother to our children.
To tell my son Braden that he is his father’s best flower and tell my daughter that she is a princess and let our children do whatever they want in life, Jonathan wrote. If you ever meet someone in your life who loves you as well as your children, you should hold his hand, he wrote.

Finally, he wrote, Be happy no matter what happens.
Katie said that she has become sadder since reading her husband’s last message, and she has been encouraged by this message from her husband. Jonathan has been battling the coronavirus for 28 days this month. He lost his life in April.

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