Pneumonia epidemic: international voices are rising, China refuses to make concessions on traceability investigation of new coronavirus

In the face of rising international calls for an independent investigation into the source of new coronaviruses, Chinese Minister Chen Wen told the BBC that these requests are “politically motivated” and will distract China from responding to the epidemic.

The virus is believed to have first appeared in a wildlife market (seafood market) in Wuhan City late last year. Internationally, it is generally thought that information on the traceability and spread of the new coronavirus will help countries respond to the virus epidemic. Still, scientists generally believe that the virus is not manufactured in the laboratory.

At the same time, an EU report accused China of spreading fake information during the crisis. According to the EU’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia and, to a certain extent, China is “targeting a“ conspiracy theory of information offensive ”against the EU and neighboring countries. US President Trump has repeatedly criticized China’s ineffectiveness in dealing with the epidemic. The Chinese government was sued for the loss of the epidemic.
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What does China oppose?
Since the outbreak began, the outside world has repeatedly called on China to allow international investigators to go to Wuhan to study the epidemic. On Thursday (April 23), Australian Prime Minister Morrison said that the country is planning an independent investigation into the virus’s origin at the World Health Organization’s annual meeting next month. The World Health Organization is the highest decision-making body of the World Health Organization, and Australia is the executive committee of the General Assembly. The World Health Assembly has planned to respond to relevant appeals to discuss lessons learned in health emergencies.
But Chen Wen told the BBC that China would not agree to such an investigation. She said Independent experiments are politically motivated. We are working hard to fight the virus and gather all forces to fight the virus. Why should we discuss the research? This will divert attention and disperse resources.

“This is a politically motivated initiative, and I believe no one will agree … This is of no interest to anyone.” Chen Wen said that there are currently many rumors about the source of the virus. Still, this fake information is hazardous and related to the new crown virus, or even more dangerous political virus.

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