“I’m terrified, this time …” The actress came on the field once again on the news of her in-laws’ presence.

Actress Meera, who is considered a drama queen, recently released a video in which she said that she was trapped in the United States due to a lockdown caused by the coronavirus. Khan was appealed to return home. After the video of the actress went viral on social media, he was accused of lying, while several reports also claimed that my well-being in the United States with my father-in-law. They are present, and they made this video just for fun.

And now Meera released another video in which she criticized the accusers and made it clear that they were in touch with the Pakistani embassy in the United States. In her video released on Instagram, Meera said that I In his video message, he asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring him back home, which is my fundamental right as a Pakistani. Some people tried to give him a new color at such a wrong time, which is inappropriate.
The actress clarified that the Pakistani Consulate in New York is aware of my whereabouts, and I am grateful to Consul General Ayesha Ali for her cooperation.

God, this is not the time to make fun of anyone or play with emotions, said Meera.
He appealed to the fans to pray for his return to his homeland to participate more in the relief work. She was asked to return home because she did not want to die in a foreign country.
I also said in my video that I am imprisoned in a hotel in New York; I came here with Humayun Saeed and other artists for shows and film shooting, they have all returned home, and I am here. I am stuck. He added that I have no savings, and it has become difficult for me to stay here.

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