Democrats such as Li Zhuming and Li Zhiying were arrested, and the political storm in Hong Kong has resumed

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic showed signs of easing in Hong Kong when the police arrested democrats on a large scale, and the political turmoil started again. 15 Democrats, including Li Zhuming, former chairman and senior counsel of the Democratic Party, and Li Zhiying, chairman of One Media Group, were arrested yesterday (April 18) to organize an unauthorized march rally. On the 18th, the church will be held in court.

Democrats described the operation as “political suppression.” The incident also attracted the attention of the British and American governments and international human rights organizations, believing that Beijing further restricted Hong Kong’s freedom of speech and assembly and would weaken “one country, two systems.” The Hong Kong police responded by saying that it “acted according to law.”

It is worth noting that a few days before the arrest, Luo Huining, director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong (Central Liaison Office), said in a speech that laws must be enacted and activated as soon as possible. The address was interpreted to promote 23 pieces of legislation related to the National Security of the Basic Law; the Liaison Office also commented on the affairs of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in high-profile terms. The regulation of Article 22 of the Basic Law concerning “the various central departments do not interfere in Hong Kong affairs” has caused controversy.
Democrats: “Political Prosecution”
On April 18, the Hong Kong police took arrest action against the democrats. The Democratic Party founding chairman Li Zhuming, former chairman Yang Sen, He Junren, the Labor Party Li Zhuoren, He Xiulan, the social and civilian Liang Guoxiong, Wu Wenyuan, the Citizen Party practicing lawyer Wu Moyi Fifteen people, including former Nuo Xuan member of the Legislative Council and founder Li Zhiying of One Media, were arrested.

Since the outbreak of the Anti-Amendment Movement last year, the Hong Kong police have launched several arrests against politicians, but this is the most arrested by politicians. The police said they were suspected of organizing and participating in unauthorized assembly from August to October last year. Some people additionally controlled the offender (participation) to announce unauthorized public marches.

The police issued a notice of opposition to these demonstrations. Most of the arrested persons admitted or were photographed by the media had participated in the procession and assembly but believed that the police objection notice was unreasonable and caused the public to lose their freedom of assembly. Several demonstrations and protests in Hong Kong last year all triggered severe violent clashes between the police and the civilians. The police said that the notice of opposition was to avoid such conflicts.

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